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As the Queen of the kingdom, there are times where the stresses of ruling builds up and I need an outlet to relieve those stresses.  One of the ways I relieve the stress is by having a personal servant come and tickle my feet. I've always felt that laughter was the best way to vent some of the pressure that stress brings. Now, I'm not talking about brutal nonstop tickle torture that's carried out in my torture chamber. No, that's used for the unruly and war captives.    What I like is to have my servant come to me, remove my footwear and use various tickling instruments to tickle my feet. I've always liked having my feet tickled for as long as I remember, and surely being a powerful ruler on the throne hasn't quelled that particular enjoyment.

Once my servant comes and he has removed my shoes, I have him start with a feather, brushing all over my sensitive soles and in between my toes. The feather feels very nice as it relaxes me and gently tickles my feet. The feather excites the nerve endings in my foot which seems to make my feet even more ticklish than they already are. After several moments of my feet being tickled with the feather, I want to move on to the second and MUCH more ticklish phase, which is having him cover my soles in oil. Once my soles and toes are completely covered with the oil, he uses the special metal fingertips to tickle my oil slicked feet.The sturdy metal tips scraping the soles and toes of my ticklish little feet almost makes me lose control!

When I think I've had enough tickling and my stress has been relieved, I have him stop. But He won't go far, because I will be needing my feet tickled before too long. As for now, it's time for me to go and rule my kingdom. Where are my dragons!?

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