SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Hannah Perez FULL

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It's been a little while since the foot tickle therapist Dr. Whitney has secured a new ticklish victim.. She lucks out with the lovely Hannah Perez in town, whom is every so fearful of her pretty feet being touched, caressed, and tickled from heel to tippy toe. Dr. Whitney manages to wiggle her shoes off to reveal her bare soles, high arches, struggling tootsie toes. All this feverish foot stimulation is just FAR too much for poor Hannah to handle though.. She panics, and in an attempt to escape, finds Dr. Whitney's hands wrapped firmly around her nose and mouth. Her eyes cross, her limbs fall limp into Dr. Whitney's arms. She's , but of course Dr. Whitney has to double, and even triple check by playing with her limp little limbs, fingers, feet, arms, and legs before tightly securing her for the REAL foot tickle therapy session. With Hannah Perez nice and snugg in the ropes, Dr. Whitney quickly finishes a little hogtie on her. Hannah slowly begins to wake up, finding herself in quite the predicament… "What the hell is going on?! I didn't sign up to this!!! This is CRAZY! LET ME GO!!!" She struggles with all her might, trying to break free from the ropes as Dr. Whitney mercilessly tickles her bare soles, deep wrinkles, high arches, wiggling little tootsie toes.. Laughing with pure evil ticklish delights! What Dr. Whitney doesn't notice, is that Hannah is slowly loosening the ropes for a grand escape.. But don't worry.. With Dr. Whitney's big strong hands to wrap around Hannah's mouth + nose, they only place she'll be going is night night in Dr. Whitney's lap again! 

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