ShyAndWildTickling – Darke Forces – Episode 1 – Extract 37 Failing Aralia

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Starring Catherine Foxx, Jade Stone & Sharron Small
Having delivered the Lords' plan for peace to Queen Persephone of Shaeva Lya goes to Baylor to deliver the plan for peace to Queen Aralia in the hope to avert trilateral war over Evermore. But Queen Aralia's distrust for Lord Darke is only growing every day and she's in no mood to hear Lya's lies on his behalf.

After the queen's guards strap Lya down for interrogation, Aralia decides to make lying even more difficult. So she slips off Lya's boots and socks and tickles the young emissarys feet. So inspired by Lya's ticklishness is she that she moves up her strong, young legs to explore their tickle sensitivity.

She moves on to tickling her upper body and delights in the young girl's 'out of control' squeals when she digs in to her soft, hyper-ticklish armpits, making her thrash, kick, buck and laugh. This is just too good to keep to herself. So she calls her favorite underling (General Zan) to join in. General Zan focuses her tickle attention on Lya's feet, while the queen tickles Lya's divine ass. Oh, the plan for peace. Umm, what about that?

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