ShyAndWildTickling – Darke Forces – Episode 1 Sceen 4 – Drones Consequence

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Starring Sasha Foxx @FoxxxStudios, Laci Star @LaciStar_xo, Jean Bardot @JeanBardot, Little Mina @little_mina69, Shelly Dare @sunshine_tampa, Indica @Indicafetish, Goddess Valora @GoddessValora, Autumn Bodell @AutumnBodell, Marylin & James Darke @TickleVideos
When Persephone (queen of Shaeva [Sasha Foxx]) oversees her assistant (Moira [Little Mina]) as she flies a surveillance drone around Lords HQ, Captain Hail (Indica) and Chief Daria (Shelly Dare) detect it and blast it out of the sky. For this failure, Queen Persephone blast Moira with her ancestral Shivera Force, setting her DNA on a 24 hour clock for termination. Overwhelmed with concern for her mortality, Moira strips for the queen and submits to her fetish desires for a tickle slave.

At Lords HQ, Bala Wan (Marylin) complains to Nurse Rage (Goddess Valora) about her headache. This pisses off Nurse Rage. Then Marylin threatens t Tell on her to Lord Darke, leading Nurse Rage flypaper-jump on the wall and lash out at Wan with a raging electrical plasma bolt, sending Wan's smoking body to the ground.

Because her private assistant of away from the office, Pak (Jean Bardot), the Administrar for Omega1 calls Bella (Autumn Bodell), the president of Zencor over to have her administer her daily dose of tickle desensitizing (a process performed daily by all surviving, non-royal members of the Dominatori Collectiva). In the process, she forces Bella to smell her shoes, as a means of reminding who's on top. The Administrar tries to put on her serious game-face, but is still too ticklish in her feet to handle the required tickling. More foot tickling is required.

In Part 2 of Darke Forces, we saw Sadie Long's self love interrupted by a horny, spying drone. In Part 4, she comes to Lords HQ to complain to Lord Darke about the spying drone. When Lord Darke insists on looking at the drone's video playback, he and Chief Daria see the lurid details of Sadie's seriously steamy masturbation. For wasting his time with such nonsense, he shrinks Sadie and puts her in a small glass tube of the floor while he addresses Daria's snooping problem with some wickedly hard spanking.

Unconvinced that Daria got the point, he switches her punishment for snooping around his quarters to serious tied tickling, making her sure that she doesn't want to get on his bad side again – all the while, shrunken Sadie watches on, worrying if that is to be her fate as well.

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