SilverCherry – Michelle Tickled on the Bed

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It's not every day that I get to tie a girl, who is as petite as Michelle, to the bed. She is only 4'8" tall, making her the shortest girl I've ever had tied to my bed! Michelle is tied spread eagled, and the tickling starts at her tiny soft bare feet. Fingers scratch the surface of her small soles and Michelle begins laughing. The tickling then quickly moves to her upperbody. Fingers dig into Michelle's delicate sides, ribs and belly. Maybe even a little too hard sometimes judging by some of her wincing. Oops, sorry Michelle! Got a little carried away there! The tickling then moves back down to Michelle's helpless and exposed size 5 feet. First one foot, then the other and then both at the same time! The tickler isn't finished there. He goes back up to Michelle's upperbody where he gives her the "pit and the pendulum" treatment. Wiggling his fingers above her upperbody and slowly lowering them, letting her anticipate what's coming! There isn't a thing she can do about it at all but wait for the tickling! Finally, the fingers reach her bare skin and the tickling commences! It was so much fun tickling tiny Michelle!

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Download – Michelle Tickled on the Bed

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