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It's now time for Lela to get a little taste of her own medicine, and Scarlett is going to show us that, not only is she a sweetheart, but she can also be cruel herself.

Lela is strapped securely to the bed with her bare feet protruding over the edge. Right from the start of the scene, Scarlett wastes no time tickle t0rturing Lela. Scarlett is a naturally skilled tickler who also has very dangerous, perfectly manicured fingernails that she uses with ruthless efficiency, rendering Lela not so comfy! Scarlett works over Lela's slender upperbody by tickling her belly, ribs, sides and underarms. A couple of times Lela seems to go into panic mode by struggling and twisting back and forth really hard. This especially happens when her sensitive underarms are tickled. Lela is also a screamer sometimes so, volume warning 🙂 After Scarlett decides that she's had enough of t0rturing poor Lela's upperbody, she makes her way down to Lela's extremely soft helpless bare feet. Scarlett mercilessly rakes and scratches Lela's sensitive ticklish feet. She tickles each foot separately, then both together at the same time. It's so great watching Scarlett be a cruel tickler, while maintaining a sweet smile on her pretty face.

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