StuckInTheStocks – Ashley’s Ankles Crossed!

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Ashley is a shy little redhead with a secret: she likes being tickled! She starts out giggly with her toes twitching, but by the end, if she could move any more (the fun thing about the ankles crossed position is that it generally limits a lot of thrashing around) she'd probably be bucking off the bed she's shackled to! With her hands tied over her head and her feet crossed, it leaves her arches wide open for the tickle toy that very nearly breaks her, the scrubby plastic curry combs. When I drag and twist them over the middle of her arches, she's doing her best to get her feet away, but sadly (for her), all she can do is flex her toes and deal with the torment!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1280×720,, 4010 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 8:10.018
Size: 107,877 Mb

Download – Ashley's Ankles Crossed!

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