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The latest in our "Ten Terrible Minutes" series is fan favorite Jenni, who returns to us every two years like clockwork, only to wonder, "Why do I let myself be tormented like this?" The great things about that is that in a two year span, we can always find new things to make her giggle, shriek, and scream—in this particular instance, it's the little bear-claw backscratchers! But before we get to that, one of the things we love the most about Jenni is that she is legitimately feather-ticklish: if you brush the soles of her feet with stiff duck feathers, her face contorts into a delicious rictus trying not to break … but you know sooner rather than later, she'll be howling with laughter! One of the goals this session was to recreate a moment from a past session where the plastic handle ends of two soft paintbrushes causes her to throw her head back and shriek with laughter—and sure enough, she doesn't disappoint! But before we get to that, it's time to drag long, colored pipecleaners between her toes; she flexes them and spreads them trying to avoid the sensations that are creeping up to her brain, but eventually, a grin splits her face and the next thing you know, you can tell she knows, "Yep—this is gonna be HORRIBLE!"

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Download – Jenni's Ten Terrible Minutes!

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