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RussianFetish – Lustful Demon with Alsu in Hell – Crazy tickling mixed with pain and pleasure

She woke up in the middle of corpses and bones – the place of sins and lust is clearly not like the earth. Smoke and smell of fire surrounded Alsu…
Alsu: What? Where am I?”
Demon:Don’t you know Hell when you see it? You are here to be tortured for all eternity.”
Alsu: It can’t be I have not done anything!;
Demon: That’s what they all say. Let it begin;
And with that, the demon starts on her with a flogger. He begins swinging it back and forth from side to side aiming at Alsu’s tits. Soon her sexy top begins to shred. Each time the camera angle changes their is less of her top. Soon Alsu’s beautiful tits are almost completely exposed. The demon tickles Alsu’s defenseless body and enjoys her laugh. The demon stops and returns with Demonic Peak. While Alsu begs him not to he cuts away what remains of her top. He tickles Alsu’s sweaty body. The demon plays with Alsu’s tits. Squeezing and pinching her nipples.
Alsu: Stop, don’t touch me!”
Demon: Maybe you prefer this.” He holds the peak in front of her. He teases Alsu with it. Running it along her sides and using the point to poke her nipples.
Alsu: Stop, stop, please don’t”. But that just encourages him, so he does it some more.
Then he resumes with the flogger. She is gasping and moaning.
The demon continues to tickle Alsu and also takes the torch and holds it next to the girl so that she is covered with sweat. The demon shows Alsu a new device, a needle pinwheel, and runs it on her nipples and throughout her body.
Alsu: “No please stop. My tits are burning”
Demon: “Maybe something else to make you confess why you’re here.”
The demon unties Alsu’s legs just to spread them very wide apart. And resumes with the flogger. He flogs Alsu’s beautiful body. As he aims once again at her tits Alsu pleads again for him to stop.
Alsu: “No more. My nipples are burning!”
The demon unties Alsu and pushes her into a devilish bed where Alsu will be tightly bound again. He returns with a container of ice.
Demon: “Your nipples are burning? I have something for that.” He drips the ice water on her nipples by holding a melting ice cube with a pair of thongs. Then he rubs the ice directly on Alsu’s nipples. She gasps and moans as the ice massages her nipples. He roams all over Alsu with the ice, always returning to her nipples. The demon tickles Alsu and makes her laugh sexually.
Alsu: “Stop please, don’t torture my nipples.”
The more Alsu gasp and moans the more he does it. Then he stops.
Demon: “Do you confess your sins? Why were you sent to me?”
Alsu: “I don’t know. I swear.”
Demon: “Not good enough.”
The demon starts very slowly crisscrossing her chest with the pinwheel concentrating on her nipples.
When this fails to get Alsu to confess why she is in hell the demon stops with the pinwheel and shows her a vibrator. He places the vibrator on top of the panties and continues to tickle Alsou’s body insanely hard and play with her nipples – uses the pinwheel and ice.
Then the demon goes to Aslu’s feet and tickles with his claws and then uses the pinwheel on them.
After all of this Alsu still refuses to say why she thinks she has ended up in hell. The demon growls in frustration.
Demon: “Now you will experience The Devils Torture Device, the worst thing that exists in the universe.”
During a long tickling and torment using a vibrator between Alsu’s legs, he brings her pleasure mixed with tickling and pain.
Alsu: “No more, I can’t stand it. I will do anything. Send me back to Earth. I will change my ways. Please give me another chance”
And to her surprise, he stops.
Demon: “You want another chance? Do I have to consult the Handbook for Demons? I can grant your wish. You will be given another chance. But know this: I will be watching you.”
Plunging into the darkness, Alsu remains to rest on the bed, having been given a second chance.
Has Alsu escaped the demon forever or will she be returned to hell to face the demon again?…

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RussianGirlsInDistress – School Club Tickling Tests- Full Movie


Ann and Lana are joining the exclusive school club where Yuno is the president, she will ask the girls to pass 2 tests to see if they can access the club. The first test is to read a story trying to maintain composure, while Yuno tease her nipples and use the magic wand, and the other girl slowly tease and tickle soles with her fingers and the girl must read the story while not laughing too much or having an orgasm.

Each girl read the story, while being teased and tickled slowly.


Now for the second test each girl tickled and teased while tied spread eagle on the bed. Yuno alternating between upper body tickling, using her fingers and tongue on nipples, tickling underarms and sides. The other girl tickle feet with fingers and tongue; tickle equally the toes, under the toes and the arches and middle of the foot. Then Yuno takes care of feet while the other girl takes care of the upper body, alternating between sensual tickling and torturous tickling. They use electric toothbrush on nipples and soles, and also the magic wand on the girl clit, edging her between tickling and pleasure.

Then girls switch place and the same happen with the other girl. Tickling is alternating between sensual and torture; with moaning and noises alternating with laughs and begging.


Both girls are joining the club and their reward now is to tickle and tease Yuno. Both girls tickle Yuno’s feet and nipples with tongue, fingers and electric toothbrush, making her beg and moan at the same time.

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TicklingHandjobsFemaleOrgasm – Busty Bella’s Foot Smothering Tickling and Bound Orgasms!

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OrgasmAbuse – Wedding Night

Naomi is hanging with her maid of honor the night before her wedding. Naomi is feeling some pre-wedding jitters and so is Vanna. Vanna knows that their relationship is going to change and Naomi won’t be sleeping over and hanging out nearly as much so this is her last chance to confess that she has always wanted her. Besides, a good orgasm or two will definitely take the edge off the jitters! Vanna takes off Naomi’s robe and has her sit on her lap. She gets her off, over and over, finishes off with some fingering and a wet kiss.

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OrgasmAbuse – Lily Larimar Cums Hard

Sexy pornstar Vanna Bardot is naked and wants to get permission from stepdad to go out, mom says it is up to you. Of course she is going to need some money too and definitely knows how to convince you to do whatever she wants.

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CaliLogansBondageBoutique – Hostile Hotel

We find Cali Logan, struggling, tied up with an arm binder and strap to her thigh a vibrator. She’s looking very sexy wearing a corset, garter & stockings, and a matching ball gag to moan through. She struggles helplessly until she hears a knocks and, “housekeeping!” Vonka, a sexy Russian maid, comes in to find Cali all tied up, with a note next to her. Vonka, in her sexy accent, reads the note aloud, “Do you know this says here? It says to torture you… turn on…” Vonka flips the switch on the vibrator… “this sounds fun to me…”

First Vonka begins with the feather duster… tickling Cali’s free nipples. Cali laughs with the tickles and moans with the vibrator. Next an ice cube to torture little Cali Logan, but she might like it… maybe some nipple play and ice cold water for the dirty girl. Time for a picture! Vonka must really be enjoying herself because her next device is all about breath play… a bag and a hand to throat… no passing out here…

While Cali is nice and lightheaded, Vonka decides to tickle and spank her for a pick me up! “A little pain and pleasure go well together don’t they?” Vonka sexily says as she puts the bag over Ms. Logan’s head… “Just to put you over the edge…” Vonka wonders what other toys there are… nipple clamps with little bells, collars for choking, and blindfolds for blackmail? Oh my!

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MirandasTickleTales – Forced Orgasm Tickle

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Duration: 12:05.188

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