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UKTickling – Naked Payback For Insanely Ticklish Tindra

Now the girls switch places and Honour gets to tickle Tindra out of her mind again! She loves having Tindra strapped down and helpless…and she’s so ticklish, it doesn’t take long to drive her crazy! Honour straddles Tindra and enjoys teasing her body to start with, playing with her breasts and licking her nipples before running her nails over Tindra’s sensitive torso. Tindra is soon cracking up completely as Honour tickles all over her armpits, sides, belly and groin, moving down her legs to her feet. She removes her heels one at a time and really torments her nylon soles with her long nails. Tindra is reduced to hysterical laughter and she goes even crazier when Honour sucks, licks and nibbles on her toes! She squeals and gasps as Honour relentlessly teases and tickles her feet, playing ‘this little piggy’ on her toes before nibbling them again. She gives her hot body another work out, sucking on Tindra’s hard nipples before tickle-torturing her belly and sides again! Going back to the feet, she uses the toe-ties – even this sends Tindra into bouts of hysterical laughter, as Honour tries to slide the ties between her toes. It’s even worse for Tindra now and she is beside herself as the tickle-torture continues. Honour is having a great time punishing and playing with her. She even makes Tindra try to resist as she tickles her slowly – it doesn’t last long though as Tindra goes to pieces again! Honour builds her up with a countdown before one final burst of mean tickling on her nylon feet at the end…the anticipation alone is too much and the tickling is something else! An amazing scene and some of the hottest G/G tickle action you’ll see – don’t miss these two!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080,, 12418 kbps, fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 192 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 13:34.562
Size: 1 191,599 Mb

Download – Naked Payback For Insanely Ticklish Tindra

UKTickling – Honour Is Tindra’s Naked Tickle Toy

Gorgeous girlfriends Honour and Tindra get naked for some very hot F/F tickle action! In this first of a two-part custom, super-ticklish Tindra has a chance to get her own back on Honour for the punishment she received (it’s short-lived though – Tindra has it all to come once again afterwards!) This time, both girls are fully nude except for their sheer stockings and heels. Honour is fully stretched out and strapped on her back with her feet in the stocks. She’s totally at the mercy of Tindra who is looking forward to her first time as a tickler and getting her hands on Honour’s sexy body and feet! She starts off by running her nails along her whole body, moving down to the feet. Tindra removes her heels and uses her sharp nails on Honour’s stockinged soles, making her squeal and gasp. She spends some time tormenting her feet before going back up to tease and tickle her upperbody. Honour squeals and shrieks as Tindra’s fingers move all over her armpits, breasts, belly and sides…she really hates the underarm tickling and goes crazy as they are tickled! Tindra spends some time playfully tormenting Honour’s whole body, moving between her nylon feet, legs and torso making her squirm and shriek. She soon discovers that her toes are another weak spot and it gets worse for Honour as the toe-ties are used to keep her feet in place for Tindra’s pointy nails to probe them. Honour’s exhausted from all the squealing but ready to give the Scandinavian sex-bomb a dose of revenge once her turn’s over…Tindra is right to be nervous – part 2 coming soon!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080,, 12418 kbps, fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 192 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 13:36.781
Size: 1 194,682 Mb

Download – Honour Is Tindra’s Naked Tickle Toy

TheTickleRoom – The LEGACY Collection “Broken and Desperate” Vol 1 Pt 1 “Feet and Neko”

Here is something I was working on for a little bit in between the immense amount of editing I have been doing (I have over 30 videos coming out and the membership site is finally FUCKING DONE after 2 years and is being tested for launch). BUT in between making it I realized how much has gone into making all of our clips. The stories, the experiences, the change in my life, the models, and so much more. It has been one crazy ass emotional ride. So here is a set I wanted to put out there. In my career I have tickled a LOT of people woman and men alike. But one thing I was always asked was to be intense. Well I think we definitely did just that. But one thing is I learned SO much about limits and breaking people. So here is a few clips for part 1 of models and scenarios where the tickling went maybe a little to far or pushed the models too far with their stories.

Disclaimer: Tickling is a physical and mental endurance that can truly traumatize and hurt people. Never let your fetish overtake your humanity and mind. Its something we see far too often and it has led to many models leaving our industry and never looking back. As a professional even I have made mistakes but never enough to truly destroy a models look on our industry. Hopefully you all love this video but also take something away from it. If you wanna push people make sure they are ok with it and feel safe.

So lets start with clip #1

Perlas desperate custom. This is an UNRELEASED clip (my computer destroyed this file years ago and I barely have been putting it back together). Perla and me were going through a rough time in our relationship. But we got commissioned for a custom. We decided to go through with it and also try to find a spark for us. So in this clip I use the vibrator on Perla while tickling her soles and toes. Well before the clip Perla was being rude and unruly cursing me out so I began to REALLY tickle her. She laughs, giggles, and screams before begging for mercy. I tell her I will leave her there all night and she actually truly begins begging.

As for the rest…..well just watch. The videos and stories included are:

Breaking Paloma to Tears “Interrogating the Princess”

Reprogramming Jaxx

Neko Yanos Endurance test (not feet but she is REALLY in tears. Accidentally put it in here)

Karly Salinas

Ana the Teacher

Anna The Kinky One

All videos included are of models who after the shoot told me it was over their threshold of what they could handle.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 4233 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 0 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 51:43.533
Size: 1 566,231 Mb

Download – The LEGACY Collection “Broken and Desperate” Vol 1 Pt 1 “Feet and Neko”

ShyAndWildTickling – Flamingo Tickling – Anastasia Rose – Part 3

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 5162 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 151 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 9:01.741
Size: 343,119 Mb

Download – Flamingo Tickling – Anastasia Rose – Part 3

ShyAndWildTickling – Flamingo Tickling – Anastasia Rose – Part 2

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 5194 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 151 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 6:12.572
Size: 237,418 Mb

Download – Flamingo Tickling – Anastasia Rose – Part 2

GinarysTickleAdventures – Sasha Foxxx Tickles Amanda Bryant

Video: WMP v8, 1280×720,, 2382 kbps, fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 44100Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 11:20.380
Size: 208,752 Mb

Download – Sasha Foxxx Tickles Amanda Bryant

UKTickling – Lottii Brings Eve For Her First Tickle Session

Lottii Rose brings her gorgeous friend Elegant Eve along for a first tickle session! Eve is a stunning mature model, very sexy and extremely ticklish – especially her feet, which makes for a great first clip as the pair are bound together and tickled until they are completely hysterical! This custom sees Lottii and Eve fully naked except for sheer stockings. Stretched out with their arms cuffed overhead, their ankles and feet are strapped together. They both go crazy as their sexy nylon feet are tickled all at once…Eve was pretty nervous beforehand and she really squeals and shrieks when the tickling begins! Both ladies have hot bodies and they look amazing with their stockinged legs and feet intertwined as they struggle and squirm helplessly. Their bodies don’t escape the tickling though and they go crazy all over again as their sexy torsos are tickled, with plenty of belly and underarm tickling while they writhe and twist to try and get away. An unexpected foot tickle, nearly makes Eve jump out of her skin and Lottii is laughing even harder as she watches her reactions too! The brush and electric toothbrush are used on both pairs of feet and nearly tip poor Eve over the edge, but both girls are in bits by the end of this one – a great scene and a great introduction for Eve, that leaves her unable to stop laughing when it’s over!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080,, 12418 kbps, fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 192 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 10:40.824
Size: 930,253 Mb

Download – Lottii Brings Eve For Her First Tickle Session