TheHottestDiaperGirls – Nikki Brooks in Cat Burglar

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Scene One: Cat Trap

Cat Woman bites her razor sharp claws as she looks around at the most expensive things to steal. What are they into She says as she notices the leg straps on a long table. The owner of the house leaps on top of Cat Woman and sticks her with a needle. As the drug pours into Cat Woman's veins she falls onto the floor gasping and falling .

With Cat Woman strapped to the table, the owner strips her down to her tiny black thong and knee high stockings. Wakey wakey She says tickling the bottoms of Cat Woman's sensitive feet. Cat Woman pulls against the ropes and screams with laughter as she is tickled unending. I'm so sorry she pleads as the owner swims in Cat Woman's forced laughter. Her hands run lightly over Cat Woman's entire body teasing her until she laughing.

Scene Two: One last call

As Cat Woman wakes she finds the owner gone. Quickly she uses her claws to escape from the ropes. Now it's time for revenge. She finds the owner and drugs her with a needle and drags her back to her own torture table. Cat Woman strips the owner naked and pulls her tight against the table. It's only when she wakes up does she realize how much trouble she's in.

No, No The owner pleads with Cat Woman, as she runs her long nails over the owners smooth skin. She laughs frantically as she is tickled teased, and used by Cat Woman. Wanting to know the combination to the safe in the house Cat Woman yells at the frightened woman and tickle tortures her until she gets exactly what she wants. She leaves the owner tied up and naked as she steals everything of value from the home.

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