TheSoleExperience – Jamie Daniels in Nun Soles 1 — Sole Tickling

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AMIE DANIELS has forsaken the life of the flesh and has taken the cloth! As Sister Teeny Feeta, she has become a teacher, and what a sour-puss she is! The dour religious penguin is not happy unless she is terrorizing the students and threatening to fail each and every one of the miserable little snots. In the third part of this clip, the daring student, crazed with passion, has been massaging the soles of the nun's feet — and she seems to be alomst by it. The pleasure-loving nun does not seem to care about how extremely inappropriate this is. So weak and open to the sins of the flesh is she! But as he touches and strokes her sensitive soles, the student begins to think about all those times Sister Teeny Feeta kept them after school when other students were out enjoying the world, when she failed them for work that didn't deserve it, when she yelled at them and smacked them with her nasty ruler. Something comes over him — he MUST get revenge! So he grabs a bit of string and slips it around her ankles, with bad intentions in mind. So tiny and slender is she that it's all it takes to immobilize her feet, and his hands head back to her wriggling soles, with tickling retribution in mind! His nails scribble scrabble up and down her poor helpless foot flesh, and now she is the one that is made to squirm! Sister Teeny Feeta explodes with anger and begins to go at the vengeful student with her trusty ruler attack, but soon she is reduced to a helpess wriggling wreck! Oh how WONDERFUL this is! Look at her sweat! She calls for holy assistance to save her soul (soles?) but Sister Teeny Feeta is a naughty nun and no divine intervention occurs. She squirms and whimpers but to no avail — her beautiful, tiny, sensitive soles are mercilessly attacked! By the time the student has has his fill of tickle torture, the lazy nun has realized how helpless she is to do anything about it — after all, why were her feet up on the table in the first place? All around her are smirking faces, looking at the humiliated nun, knowing how vulnerable and helpless her soles are. It could happen again, sister! How the worm does turn. Things are going to be very different in the classroom from this point, I think, now that a certain nun has been tickle-humiliated in front of everyone ….

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