TheSoleExperience – Pamela’s Huge Soled Humiliation — Tickling

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Toward the end of their attack on Pamela I came back and found Scarlett and Esmerelda humiliating Pamela's big feet, and it was delightful! So they left and then I settled in to tickle. I had told Pamela that it would be light tikling because her tootsies are as ticklish as they are large, and she can't bear intense tickling. But the squirming big feet seemed so vulnerable at that point, aleady derided and humiliated, her soles actually BLUSHING with shame (I'm serious!!!), that I decided she had not suffered enough, and I decided to tickle her big vulnerable soles without relenting at all. I settled in to stroke her soles and Pamela was ready for some cute, sexy light tickling … how surprised she was! I rakes my fingers up her soles without letup, even slipping my hand under her big heels to lift her feet up better to get every square inch of sensitive soft flesh. Pamela squeals and her eyes bulge with helpless shock as her soles explode with sensation. Those five minutes must have felt like hours to Pamela's poor suffering flippers! She's so confident and superior about her success that I can imagine her lying in bed at night, trying very hard NOT to think about this AWFUL GIG as her squirming big feet make huge tents in the bedsheets!

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