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At this point it was Priya's turn for some public sole tickling and there were a lot more people on the train, and as you can see in the vid the girls were more aware of people watching, their eyes darting around a little sheepishly now and then, including two high school girls who sat in the catty corner seats in front of me and made snarky comments about thosee "two college girls" tickling each others' feet! Now, Priya looks like an Indian princess, and she often has that serene aloofness about her that intensely beautiful girls have, which is the look you can catch on her face in the VERY beginning of this segment, UNTIL Sassy begins tickling her soles. THEN Priya, as always, dissolved into helpless giggles, the complete slave of delicious torture! And Sassy's behavior was unusually quirky here too, I noticed that she had a look on her face that looked like she was almost in a trance, with a grin like the cat that ate the canary as she stroked her fingernails very lovingly on Priya's soles and Priya twitched and squirmed and tried to hold the laughter in. Oh yeah, check this out, a funny thing happened in the second half — a guy was walking along the platform outside the parked train and I noticed him out of the corner of my eye do a double take, and come back and give a long look through the window at the girls! (I would too of COURSE!) But what I might NOT do is come right onto the train, walk over to the seat where the two girls were sitting, and just frigging STARE at them! Which is what this guy did, a Latin guy in a jacket, about medium height. You will see a break in the tape where this happened. When we were done shooting the girls said to me, "did you SEE that? (Err, of course I did, he blocked the shot!) That cop totally stared at us!" They told me that he was wearing a and a badge under his jacket, which I hadn't noticed. How weird! I think he was into feet because of the double take, because he left after a few seconds of drinking in the scene and sat down on the train, and because Sassy told me he seemed very pleased by the sight he was taking in. Anyway, the coda to this story — I later discovered that Sassy is into girls and has a girlfriend and all. She was so friendly to Priya after the segment, cooing and talking gently, I think she was in love! Girl crush! That explains the whole experience on the train and if anything makes it even more delightful, an experience I'll never forget, and now you won't either!

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