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As many of you know I am not one to work with fetish models often. Many reasons. They are either not really ticklish, tickled too much so they are used to it, expensive as hell, and a few other reasons. But on occasion I bless the community with a great model. I normally try to pull old models out of the woodwork but sometimes a current fetish model pops up and are SO cool I give them a shot. Well that is Asia Perez. As most of you have seen, Asia got WRECKED by me. Now she is SUPER ticklish but the big thing is she has a HUGE tolerance. Which according to her only me and James Darke have broken. So this is actually the FIRST clip I made with Asia. Its me getting to see how ticklish she is and getting to actually know her. I also always explain to my models, tell me the truth and be HONEST to my viewers. If you are not ticklish on your hips….don't laugh….lol. Like do NOT try and play us we will know. Also do not play it up. Really be truthful about who you are. Some models are not ok with this and I have turned peeps away for this. But this clip is me tickling Asia then getting to know her while she shows off her SEXY size 6 feet. So lets get into it. 

Asia Perez is an awesome Fetish model who I had the pleasure of completely destroying. I had her saying she was my tickle slut all night and she was walking around with my stores link on her feet all day. So needless to say we hit it off amazingly and had a great shoot. But how did it all begin? I saw she was coming up and LOVE her feet and laugh but REALLY wanted to get my chance with her. Now she was touring with Bella Carrera but Bella and me took a raincheck 😉 (We will hopefully work together soon!). So Asia came around and was not feeling well so I decided to test her out with a simple tickle, feet only. So I start by running my fingers across her soles to a GREAT laugh. However around the 2 minute mark you will notice a HARD cut in the camera. Reason why is….I felt like she was not being herself. I felt like she was just giving me a laugh to give it so I told her be herself. I was not ready for what happens next. She starts being bratty! She apparently is very bratty when being submissive because it turns her on. She likes dialogue play and loves the games. So I break out one of my favorite games "This little piggy". Now I get a more verbal and fun Asia Perez who constantly tells me how much she Hates me. Its REALLY cute and fun. At the halfway point of the clip it becomes an interview and foot show. If you want to get a REAL interview with a fetish model, this is it. Its literally a conversation between me and Asia. Its really cute and VERY real. She tells me where she is the most ticklish, Why she loves tickling, what is too much for her, what she thinks about foot worship, where she likes licking and where it turns her on, etc etc. She really just talks no sexual innuendo just real talk. Check out this amazing clip <3 

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 14715 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 192 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 11:10.870
Size: 1 192,193 Mb

Download – Its The Little Things With Asia Perez

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