TheTickleRoom – Nicoles First Time Its Like Tickling a Kardashian

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Here we have the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS 19 year old Nicole. She is a REALLY SNOBBY rich girl sadly which gives her a SERIOUS attitude. She actually asked me for a thousand dollars to shoot. I just laughed. Good for me I am from the Bronx In NYC so I knew how to handle this Mexican hottie and turned on my attitude. She immediately backed down and submissively sat down for her interview. She answers the questions rudely and Terry texts me "ya know she looks like a kardashian, you should tickle her like it is one". My smile gets HUGE and I prepare for torture. I tie her in the stocks locking in her sexy size 6 1/2 Feet. Realizing the situation she is in and who I am she immediately starts to be a nice girl telling me to take it easy on her, O she likes my shirt, blah blah. I calmly give her the safe word before beginning to tie her toes. Thats when her face changes into a more nervous setting and I realize wow she does look like a Kardashian. Now the moment my fingers fly she BURSTS out laughing and then saying O GOD. I fix the camera and settle in for the long haul. I let my fingers fly over her soft wrinkled soles. She laughs hysterically until I break out the oil. I place it on her feet and she looks interested before I let my hands fly again.She goes "O this is worse so much worse" While laughing. I love her soles and can't stop letting my fingers fly over them happily before using every tool in my arsenal tickling her soles mercilessly. At the end she thinks its over before Terry tags in and goes for her upperbody. Wasting no time Terry attacks her armpits and Nicole pulls forward "O GOD" Before laughing hysterically trying to get away from Terrys long fingernails. But thats not enough as we go for the tagteaming her. I go for Nicoles Feet as Terry attacks her knees, stomach, and armpits. Nicole screams and laughs until we end and interview the now exhausted spent girl while untying her. A good sport she excitedly says she would return much to my surprise. 

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