TheTickleRoom – Tickling Addie Juniper Childhood Dreams Do Come True

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Here we have the legendary 32 year old Addie Juniper. Obviously with me being 23 she has been around a lot longer in the tickling industry. So I start with my standard interview getting to know her better. Now everyone knows I am not a huge fan of shooting fetish models but this is Addie Juniper. I saw my first Tickle Chicks video when I was younger (possibly illegal lol) So this was a literal dream for me. So I tell myself I am a good tickler I can do this but I felt nervous. So I start with her size 7 1/2 feet in shoes. I have her tied and I get one shoe off before I realize they have…..quite a few holes. So I exploit those holes attacking her feet getting that laugh going. I was so excited that instead of taking them off….I ripped them. However through laughter she could barely protest. After letting my fingers glide happily I take it up a notch. I give her my infamous Toe Tie! The one thing I have ALWAYS been told is my toe ties are amazing from you guys…..but the models tell me it is EXTREMELY immobilizing. So I test it on the best! She immediately jerks her feet away from my hands but the toe ties hold….until I manage to do something crazy…..I find a spot Addie can't take….The base of her toes! I attack them with the brush until my toe tie is in shambles….So I set it back up and continue! Addie calls her safeword after panting laughter sweating and I prepare for her upperbody torture. With Addie now topless I decide to go after her upper body. However everyone knows her thighs are ticklish I decide to keep the Tickle Room tradition….were gonna find a NEW spot and possibly break Addie into full on laughter. I do. I place my hands perfectly on her ribs which she says is a spot that wont break her and I move my hands so fast she SCREAMS into laughter going "WHOA what was THAT" And I do it again making her safeword. Something that has NEVER happened to which she says "Wow you are a good tickler!" This clip is amazing and one for the books! Check out me and Addie Juniper! 

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