TheTickleRoom – Welcome Back Joey You’re Gonna Break The Sound Barrier

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Here we have veteran model Joey. She has been know to scream during her shoots but she has not been on the scene is TWO YEARS. So she is fairly nervous. Even contacting me she seemed terrified. She warned me "I am the most ticklish person you will ever meet. I cannot handle it". I had ZERO clue what I was getting myself into. Immediately within seconds of taking off the shoe to her size 7 foot. She IMMEDIATELY begins screaming. So I take it slow. Easier for me. I simply brush my fingers over her soles getting immediate reactions. She screams and bucks laughing so loud it actually hurt my ears and I am sure made my neighbors think I was murdering someone. But when I tied her toes is when we really got intense. Unable to move she laughed and bucked screaming until she was already losing her voice. Thats when I found a new spot…..under her toes……Out of all her experience with Tickle Abuse she had never known about under her toes. She screams and cries the moment I find that spot. But then we move onto her upperbody….. I start with her stomach getting amazing giggles and reactions…until I reach her armpits. I sit behind her in a chair and secure her arms from coming up….and then I begin. She IMMEDIATELY SCREAMS and tries to BITE ME >.> But I keep going as she screams FUCK YOU IM GOING TO KILL YOU!! But I just keep on tickling. By the end she is spent with her voice GONE.

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  1. Scott 15.07.2016 at 17:00 Reply

    This clip has a lot of problems: the sound cuts out whenever Joey laughs or screams. The video playback frequently just stops. It’s not a problem with the player, either, since you can fast-forward to other sections that play fine, but when you go back the earlier sections are still stopped.

    • Admin
      Admin 16.07.2016 at 15:44 Reply

      Sorry, this is original clip from C4S

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