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I met Jessica a few months ago through a friend, we got to talking about foot fetish, specifically foot worship, and slowly I turned the conversation to tickling. She was intrigued by said she was way too ticklish to be tied down and tickled, especially on her feet. She said she is embarrassed every time she gets a pedicure and cannot take any scrubbing on her feet. A few days ago we run into each other again and I again brought up the tickling and said I think getting tickled in my stocks would help her with her fear of tickling. She laughed at my suggestion of course, but still, she did think long and hard about it and finally gave in. I am not sure how afraid she is of the torment, I think she was afraid she would like it. Anyway, Milf Vicky has her in the stocks toe tied all set up for nonstop foot tickling. Vicky has her nails done especially for tickling, long, hard and slightly pointed at the ends. Right away Vicky get a big ole grin on her face, Jessica, aside being ridiculously sexy, is horribly, horribly ticklish. You may think that Vicky would go easy on her but not at all, the more Jessica suffers, the more inspired Vicky is to punish her more. Jessica pleads to get her out, oops, we didn’t mention a safe word! Jessica is spent, cannot take anymore, then Vicky decides to see how badly the massager tickles. Of course Jessica is wrecked, spent, and desperate. Vicky finally decides the newbie has had enough and only in the last minute Vicky tests out her body just for fun, just as ticklish as her feet.

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1280×720,, 4030 kbps,  fps
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