TickleAbuse – Interview Abduction

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Bella arrived for an interview her agent set her up with. Upon entering she finds some really awkward devices lying about the conference room. Taking a seat on the couch, Bella ponders why her agent would ever set her up in such a freaky place when, all of a sudden, she is jumped from behind. Struggling to break free, Bella is ultimately overpowered and at the mercy of her captor. She awakens some time later to find herself strapped into the strange device she saw earlier. Her abductor now stands before her holding a leash that has been wrapped around her neck. Fearing what will come next, Bella is unable to voice her concern through the gag that is muffling her every response. Slowly the domineering woman kneels beside Bella’s feet. As she begins to remove her shoes, Bella quivers in anticipation. She never expected anyone to act upon a weakness as unexpected as her ticklishness. As soon as the powerful woman’s nails reach her socked soles, Bella is laughing up a storm. She fares no better as her feet are bared one by one. Clearly this stranger isn’t looking for information as she leaves the gag on throughout the whole ticklish ordeal as Bella’s tummy, tits, and armpits are soon targets for this torturous tickling. What an embarrassing weakness Bella suffers from. How easy it is to reduce her to a ticklish wreck.

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