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Back home, MJ is the runt of the litter. This led to numerous incidents where she was held down and tickled by her siblings. The worst perpetrator of this torment was her older sister, Blu, who had graduated high school before MJ stopped attending recess. Blu was always much biggger and stronger than MJ. Every time she teased her older sister and sometimes just for fun, Blu would restrain MJ’s arms and hold her down to tickle whatever happened to be exposed at the time. Often it was MJ’s bare feet that would get tickled until she had tears streaming down her face. Sometimes Blu would just sit on top of MJ with her arms trapped at her sides to tease and tickle her tummy until her sides ached from so much laughing. Today, MJ gets to live out a lifelong dream and tickle Blu while she is tied up and helpless. As luck would have it, it seems MJ’s older sister inheriting quite a few ticklish genes as well and she doesn’t have the luxury of years of experience to help her tolerate a prolonged tickle session like her baby sister. She fights like the devil to escape as soon as MJ’s nails touch her bare foot, laughing into silent laughter within seconds. We made sure to cinch her toetie extra tight (along with the rest of her restraints) because MJ was truly afraid that her sister would bust loose and tickle her half to death for being so relentless. She was cracking up watching her older sister’s anguished laughter as she kneaded her knees and goosed her ribs. The brush was so bad for Blu her legs were convulsing to avoid the sensation. MJ didn’t want me to let her out when we interviewed her sister about the experience partly because she wanted to tickle her some more and also because she really afraid of what her muscular older sis would do once she was free again. I figured a little time to cool off couldn’t hurt.

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