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You and your wife are what you might call a kinky couple. You certainly keep an open mind in the bedroom. Lately, your wife has been having issues with the marriage stating that you never argue with her and always concede any discussion. She wants to know you still care enough to voice an opinion and possess the constitution to take charge when necessary. Traditionally you are very laid back and avoid confrontation when possible but after seeing a counselor he suggested that you try taking a more active role in the bedroom to start. Your wife asked that you punish her for being so difficult to live with these past few months and you simply tell her that you don’t want to hurt her. Seeing her tied up with her bare feet helpless however gives you an idea. Perhaps your wife’s ticklishness would be a good way to settle the score. She begins to giggle as soon as she feels the feather kiss her sole. The tickling quickly ramps up because your wife is dreadfully ticklish and even though she laughing in ticklish agony you can see as she looks longingly into your eyes that she is secretly loving watching you control her so absolutely. So you proceed to tickle her until she begs you for mercy, still not wanting to overwhelm her. It isn’t until you break out her hairbrush along her soft feet that she is truly unable to cope with the tickling you are forcing upon her and she has to admit defeat. Only now you kind of like seeing her this way, helpless and submissive. Perhaps she will just have to endure a bit longer. She did ask for this, after all.

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