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There is nothing worse than living in an apartment with a messy roommate. No matter how much you try to keep the place clean they will continue to leave you with a pig sty every time you turn around. Well, Honey has had just about enough of Kristen’s filthy habits and aims to set her on the path of cleaning up after herself for a change. She has been reading in her self help books that best way to experience a change of heart is through the soul. It just so happens that Honey has it on very good authority that Kristen’s soles are very ticklish. What better way to get her to see Honey’s point of view than to appeal to her senses via a generous application of tickle torment! Honey does her best to keep Kristen from squirming away as she attacks her bare feet until Kristen promises to do a better job at clean up. Perhaps she will choose to believe her after just a bit more tickling of her upper body but it can be difficult to judge when someone has had a breakthrough in these sorts of matters. I guess Honey will just have to keep on tickling in the meantime.

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