TickleAbuse – Officer Honey Demoted

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The police commissioner has asked Honey into her office in order to reprimand her for all the cases she has failed to close once criminals began circulating the rumor that she has terribly ticklish feet. The commissioner says that such a ridiculous reason for failing to do your job cannot be tolerated. As an officer of the law it is Honey’s duty to be strong enough to uphold the law even when that feat may be challenging. She then remarks that Officer Honey’s shoes and even her uniform certainly don’t appear to be regulation issue. Perhaps Officer Honey is attracting all these ticklish situations. Once her boss gets her hands on those sensitive feet not even socks can save her from the laughter that will be forced from her. Officer Honey’s bare feet are tied tighter to prevent her from wiggling away from the commissioner’s long nails as they invade the sensitive spaces across her wrinkles and between her toes. You can see the commissioner is clearly enjoying tormenting Officer Honey. Perhaps even more than the criminal underworld that has been using her ticklishness against her. Even Honey’s upper body isn’t safe from this tickle crazed commissioner. Still, despite her enjoyment, the commissioner needs to punish Honey for failing to uphold the law in the line of duty so she demote her to a patrol unit in the hopes that the rest of the neighborhood has heard about how easy it is to defeat Honey once you get her barefoot and laughing up a storm.

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