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Indica loves to please her girlfriend Scarlet. She knows she could never hope to find another lover so beautiful in her wildest dreams. The one drawback to dating Scarlet is that she is an insatiable ‘ler who never tires of tickling Indica half to death. After most of their playtime Indica would be left breathless and in tears while Scarlet continued to attack her most sensitive spots no matter how much Indica begged her to stop. Indica was so distraught after a few of these episodes that one day she threatened to leave Scarlet for good as much as it pained her to do so. However, it turned out that Scarlet couldn’t bear to be without Indica’s adorable giggles. She begged her to stay and offered to amend her torturous tickle play so that Indica would continue to laugh for her. The result of that fight was this game. A teasing exploration of Indica’s ticklish spots while her lover teases her arches and kisses and licks Indica all over. This way they can share the intimacy that Indica desires while Scarlet is free to steal all the tickles that she craves. Sometimes Scarlet still gets a little carried away and refuses to listen to Indica’s cries for mercy when she finds a particularly sensitive spot and digs in.

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