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There is a new building manager for the building and she has been getting many complaints about the noise, more specifically the hysterical laughter coming from Tasha’s apartment. Mrs Elizabeth wants to bring an older, more conservative tenant base into the building, people she can relate to and feel confident that there wont be any more raucous behavior in the building. Tasha explains that she is simply a therapist, more specifically a tickle therapist, helping stressed out people relieve tension through laughter. Mrs. Elizabeth is 60 yrs old and has never heard of such a thing. As conservative and uptight as she is, she has been a very stressed and Tasha convinces her to at least give it a shot. Mrs Elizabeth goes beserk from just a litte teasing, she actually starts to open up a little. Tasha convinces her to get in the stocks, toe tied and all. Tasha holds nothing back, punishing her feet mostly, some on her knees and body. Afterwards Mrs Elizabeth believes in Tasha’s service and does a little post tickling interview telling us that she had fun and plans to tickle her hubby tonight when she gets home.

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