TickleAbuse – The Hostel

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Morgan and Katarina found a great place to stay while in New York. The are used to staying at hostels when they travel, Ms Jade’s came highly recommended. The girls are in their pajamas, Ms Jade brings them some juice before bed. Ms Jade seems so nice, the girls can’t stop talking about her and how safe they feel with her. Little do they know that Ms Jade is secretly a tickling freak who often tickles and sniffs her guests’ feet while they sleep. This time Jade has put a little something extra in the juice, she wants to make sure that the girls will not wake up until they are strapped tightly in her bondage. The girls pass out and wake up restrained, it must be a bad dream! They see Ms Jade but she doesn’t look all sweet and conservative anymore, she is dressed like a dominatrix in latex! The girls try to reason with her but they soon realize what Ms Jade is up to. She starts with Morgan’s bare soles, then Katarina’s. Ms Jade is only interested in foot tickling. She even gets the girls to turn against each other, getting each other to sell out and suggest Jade tickle the other. Katarina however has a plan. She convinces Jade that Morgan is no longer her friend and she needs to be taught a lesson, in fact she wants to join Ms Jade in tormenting her feet. Ms Jade is so excited and turned on that against better judgement she starts to let Katarina out. As soon as Katarina has an arm free she puts Ms Jade in a sleephold until she passes out. Time for some revenge! Ms Jade comes to and cannot believe what has just happened. She is in the stocks! The girls taunt her and let her know that she is truly going to pay for what she did to them.

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Download – The Hostel

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