TickleAddiction – Nikki Gets Tickle Tortured for Posing as Taylor

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Nikki has created a Pinder profile using Tay's pictures and info. Tay cannot believe her friend would stoop so low as to use her face to gain popularity with men. Furthermore, Taylor has a boyfriend who would flip if he saw her on Pinder. Taylor has no other choice but to make Nikki pay for her lack of consideration. Tay has her strapped down to the bed tight and it is time to tickle her until she's sorry for how shitty she has been. Tay tickles Nikki's feet and makes her squirm and plead for mercy. She laughs until she cannot breath and then screams for Taylor to let her go!! Tay is merciless and wants Nikki to truly understand how awful she is. Nikki thinks this is the worst, but Tay has something else in mind….

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Download – Nikki Gets Tickle Tortured for Posing as Taylor

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