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Bella has a difficult paper for class to write and she's stuck! She has to find out an unknown fact about her roommate… since she doesn't have a roommate she goes to her best friend, Jasmine, to ask for advice. It's her bestie, she thinks she knows EVERYTHING about her. Jasmine admits this is the best time to tell Bella a secret she's been hiding for so many years… she likes FEET! Bella is surprised but admits that she likes them too! Why didn't they say something to each other sooner?! Bella asks if she can play with Jasmine's feet and of course she doesn't mind at all! Bella smells Jasmine's stinky socks before peeling them off, smelling her bare feet and then sucking on Jasmine's toes and licking her soles. Bella continues to worship her best friends soles. After a few minutes pass Jasmine has to confess something else!! She has a tickle fetish! She jumps up, grabs Bella's feet and begins aggressively tickling her best friends feet. Bella is SO ticklish. She flails her body all around laughing hystarically! Bella is definitely going to get an 'A' on this paper!

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