TickleAddiction – Zoe Gets Taught in the Art of Tickling

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Since Taylor is leaving she has chosen Zoe to be the new tickle monster on The Tickle Addiction. Taylor is tied up and is instructing Zoe on how to effectively tickle every spot on the body. She teaches Zoe the proper spots and shows her how stiff her fingers need to be. Zoe is getting the hang of it quickly, working her fingers between Taylor's toes…and making those arches curl by gently running her nails along those soles. Zoe gets Taylor laughing hard, then moves on to Tay's ribs and uper body. She gets deep into those armpits and directly in between each rib. Taylor may be too good of a teacher, she's laughing so hard she can barely breathe or instruct. Zoe turns around, puts her ass in Taylor's face, and starts tickling those inner thighs, then she tickles both of Taylor's feet at the same time. Taylor can't believe how good her replacement is!!

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Download – Zoe Gets Taught in the Art of Tickling

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