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Tay is back and GETS TICKLED TO !!! You don't skip this one. Seriously if some really good tickle torturing of a super ticklish victim is what you seek then believe me you don't skip this one. Upperbody or feet I don't care you're going to enjoy this one. Remember Jasmine's Tickle Insanity? Well we thought about calling this Tay's tickle insanity if that's any indication of how much continuous tickle torture Tay undergoes. TAY IS SO FREAKIN TICKLISH!!! We knew it before but now that she's not so nervous the real ticklee in her comes out!!! Ivie is a newbie. Not our standard model by any stretch but for this particular video she's perfect. She doesn't say much, kind of like a robot when it comes to tickling. You turn her on and she's not really going to stop until you turn her off. At one point when she's TICKLING THE HELL OUT OF TAY'S FOOT, I had to motion to stop her. She just stopped but kept her hand on Tay's foot ready to begin tickling again which she did so as soon as she was allowed. She didn't speak or do anything just waited to be "turned back on" and off she went. Ruthless! Tay's UPPERBODY TICKLE TORTURE and FOOT TICKLE TORTURE are wonderful. Ivie TORTURES HER ARMPITS, TORTURES HER BARE SOLES, TORTURES HER SOUL. At one point when she PUTS TAY'S FOOT IN A HEADLOCK AND JUST GOES OFF WITH HER LITTLE NAILS I thought Tay would come right out of her skin. As a producer this was one where you really stop and ask yourself if you should allow it to continue…..of course I did! LOL! Enjoy!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1280×720,, 3163 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 9:06.561
Size: 209,167 Mb

Download – Ivie Tickle Tortures Tay

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