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scr (28) scr (29)scr (30)The always amazing Nyxon is at the hands of two. Two girls that have never tickled a girl like Nyxon. What a wonderfully ticklish ticklee they get to have their way with!! Jasmine starts it off. Poor Jasmine got a pretty heavy dose of tickling from Nyxon (see below) and now it's time to be on the other end. This is definitely some justice as Nyxon is Jasmine's equal in terms of ticklishness for sure. Jasmine starts off tickling Nyxon's VERY TICKLISH, WRINKLY BARE SOLES WITH HER SHARP NAILS!! Nyxon is electric with her reactions. Jasmine is pretty new to tickle torturing someone but her inexperience doesn't show. Next, similar to Nyxon pin-up model, Ludella Hahn gets a shot at Nyxon. As soon as she DIGS HER LITTLE NAILS INTO NYXON'S SOLES, NYXONS GOES NUTS!!! Ludella is clearly enjoying it and definitely has an evil streak when tickle torturing Nyxons sexy bare soles!! The torture isn't over as it's TIME FOR AN UPPERBODY ATTACK!! Ludella pretty much does this one all by herself. Not really for any other reason than Jasmine was trying to keep Nyxon under control and even Tay had to come in and help out in restraining the already restrained Nyxon!!! A rib-tickling fest ensues and by the end of this one poor Nyxon is near LOL!! Okay not but she was pretty well out of commission for a while LOL!!! Enjoy

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Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 6:51.107
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