TickleIntensive – Bella Blindfolded & Buried

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Bella is a gorgeous model straight from Italy who's DESPERATELY TICKLISH, ESPECIALLY ON HER SIZE 9 FEET! Shes blindfolded and buried in the sand with her sensitive feet exposed and toetied for an intense tickling session that shes wont soon forget. BIANCA PROMISED TO GO EASY ON BELLA IF SHE BEGGED IN ITALIAN BUT SHE ACTUALLY TICKLES HER HARDER THE MORE SHE BEGS!

Bella is one of Bianca's favorite models to tickle because she truly hates it! She would normally punch the person who was tickling her so Bianca relishes this opportunity to drive her crazy. SHE USES HER SHARP FINGERNAILS TO RAKE BELLA'S SENSITIVE SOLES, smirking with satisfaction while her blindfolded victim bursts into peals of hysterical laughter! The tickling is intense and Bella begs frantically in Italian. "NON SOLLETICARE I MIEI PIEDI! LASCIARE, LASCIARE, LASCIARE!!" BELLA SCREAMS, BUT BIANCA JUST LAUGHS AT HER PLEADING AND TICKLES HER FEET EVEN HARDER! Bella cant stand ANYTHING between her toes, so Bianca makes sure to work her fingers and the comb between every one of her toes, causing her to squeal with surprise and scream at the top of her lungs with agonized laughter! The comb on her arches isnt any fun either and SHE SHRIEKS WITH A MIXTURE OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER AND BABBLING ITALIAN AS THE TICKLING GOES ON AND ON WITHOUT RESPITE!

BELLA CAN'T TAKE ANOTHER SECOND OF FOOT TICKLING but Bianca isnt finished having her fun just yet. She teases her blindfolded victim by stopping and starting at random, driving her crazy with anticipation before tickling her feet so badly she can't even beg, only scream with peals of pure hysteria! IT'S A WONDER NO ONE ON THE BEACH COMES TO SAVE BELLA, BUT THAT JUST MEANS MORE FUN FOR BIANCA, AND SHE TICKLES HER HELPLESS FEET TO HER HEART'S CONTENT! She finally breaks her captive by mercilessly scrubbing her soles with the brush, making her squeal and scream with hysterical laughter UNTIL SHE'S COMPLETELY WRECKED!

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