TickleIntensive – Bella’s Beach Day Revenge

Bella has been waiting over a year for this moment. She's finally got Bianca right where she wants her – BURIED UP TO HER NECK IN SAND, COMPLETELY IMMOBILIZED WITH HER GORGEOUS AND EXTREMELY TICKLISH SIZE 10 FEET EXPOSED AND TOETIED FOR A BRUTAL TICKLING SESSION! Her sexy sandals have been deliberately placed right next to her, left tantalizingly close to fully emphasize the helplessness of her situation.

BIANCA WAS CRUEL TO BELLA OVER THE PAST YEAR, and now that the tables have turned, she finds herself pleading helplessly for mercy. But Bella doesnt care about words, she wants her to suffer like she did (maybe even worse!), SO SHE RAKES HER SHARP FINGERNAILS ALL OVER HER INCREDIBLY TICKLISH SOLES, CAUSING HER TO BURST INTO BOUTS OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! Baby oil is applied to Bianca's feet, making fingernails feel even worse on her sensitive skin, and she screams with hysteria as her oiled soles are subjected to a brutal tickling! Bella is relentless, spidering her nails in her arches and just under the toes, driving poor Bianca crazy! "PLEASE! I HATE IT! I CANT TAKE IT!" SQUEALS BIANCA, BUT BELLA JUST LAUGHS AT HER PATHETIC PLEADING, TEASING HER WICKEDLY. "ITS LIKE A MASSAGE, JUST ENJOY IT!" SHE QUIPS WHILE RUTHLESSLY RAKING HER SOLES! Bianca cackles like a witch and whips her head back and forth with frustration when Bella uses the pinwheel and comb to tickle her feet. She especially cant stand the comb between her toes, so Bella drags the comb between her toes again and again, delighting in her victims wild reactions and hysterical laughter! But as bad as the combs are, the brush is even worse, and BIANCA SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH DESPERATE LAUGHTER WHEN BELLA SUBJECTS HER BARE SOLES TO A BRUTAL BRUSHING!

Dripping with sweat and gasping with exhaustion, BIANCA SWEARS SHE'S LEARNED HER LESSON, but Bella not satisfied that shes being sincere. To test her sincerity, she punishes her feet with another round of fingernails, the comb, and the brush, driving poor Bianca crazy in the process! EVERY BREATH-DEPLETING SCREAM, EVERY PEAL OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER BRINGS A SMILE OF SATISFACTION TO BELLA'S FACE, AND SHE TICKLES THE POOR GIRL'S FEET UNTIL SHE'S PRACTICALLY CRYING FROM THE INTENSE LAUGHTER! Biancas feet are punished one final time with the brush, the intense scrubbing making her cackle hysterically, and BELLA DOESN'T STOP UNTIL SHE'S COMPLETELY WRECKED!

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