TickleIntensive – Dance Instructor’s Ticklish Ass

Ticklish 19-year old dance instructor Christina is strapped facedown to the bed for a session that focuses on her extremely ticklish size 9.5 feet and her sensitive ass! Christina does NOT like having her butt touched and is not looking forward to being tickled there.

Bianca starts with Christina's feet. Her upturned soles are helpless and they are raked with sharp fingernails until she is laughing hysterically. Bianca applies baby oil to her extremely ticklish soles and continues the t0rture, forcing Christina to laugh uncontrollably and beg for mercy. Bianca eventually stops tickling her feet, but only so she can give her exposed ass some attention. SHE COVERS HER BUTT IN BABY OIL AND TICKLES HER MERCILESSLY, DIGGING INTO HER WITH HER NAILS AND SQUEEZING/SCRATCHING THE BACKS OF HER INNER THIGHS UNTIL CHRISTINA IS HYSTERICAL! She easily straddles Christina's hips and punishes her ass with more tickling, her sharp nails leaving trails of red up and down her butt/thighs. Christina's ass and leg muscles squeeze and contract frantically as they are tickled without mercy. Then Bianca returns to Christina's feet for another round, this time adding dual combs and dual hairbrushes into the mix, driving the ticklish dance instructor crazy with frantic laughter and making her wish she had continued tickling her ass!

Christina's upperbody is also extremely ticklish and Bianca makes sure to punish her sides and pits. Tied facedown and stretched out tight, Christina can do nothing but bounce helplessly and scream with laughter. “PLEASE! LET ME GO!” SHE BEGS AGAIN AND AGAIN, BUT HER PLEADING ONLY SEEMS TO ENCOURAGE BIANCA – THE SADISTIC REDHEAD TICKLES HARDER AND HARDER UNTIL SHE DOESN'T HAVE THE BREATH LEFT TO SPEAK.

Christina is tickled into complete exhaustion. Bianca works on her ticklish feet, ass, and upperbody until she only has the energy left to laugh and gasp for air. She finishes her off with a dual hairbrush segment that leaves Christina wrecked.

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Download – Dance Instructor's Ticklish Ass

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