TickleIntensive – Desperately Ticklish Dance Instructor

Christina is an Italian 19-year old Dance Instructor from NYC with EXCRUCIATINGLY TICKLISH SIZE 9.5 FEET! She can't stand to be touched on her feet let alone tickled and was extremely nervous while being secured in the stocks. Her hot feet are tightly toetied for COMPLETE immobility.

Christina considers her feet her instruments, and boy does Bianca play them like they're her own personal harp! SHE GIVES THE CAPTIVE DANCE INSTRUCTOR NO WARM-UP – SHE JUST RAKES HER NAILS UP AND DOWN HER SOLES UNTIL SHE'S HYSTERICAL WITH SOME OF THE HOTTEST LAUGHTER BIANCA'S EVER HEARD! Christina is quickly out of breath and gasping for air, but Bianca doesn't have an ounce of mercy. She covers her feet in baby oil and tickles her soles until Christina is screaming with laughter. When she begs for a break, Bianca takes this as her cue to introduce Christina to the comb and the brush. THE COMB BETWEEN CHRISTINA'S TOES MAKES HER HYSTERICAL, BUT THE BRUSH ON HER SOLES IS THE WORST, PULLING THE MOST INTENSE LAUGHTER OUT OF HER YET!

Christina's EXTREMELY ticklish upperbody is covered in sweat, but Bianca doesn't care. She viciously tickles her pits, sides, stomach, hips, and her thighs, forcing the poor girl to shriek hysterically and struggle as much as her bonds allow. THE SADISTIC REDHEAD IS REALLY ENJOYING TICKLING CHRISTINA – HER REACTIONS ARE HOT, HER LAUGHTER IS BEYOND SEXY, AND SHE'S SO TICKLISH IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH EFFORT TO DRIVE HER OVER THE EDGE!

Christina can't take anymore, she's desperate for the tickling to stop, but Bianca tormentor doesn't care. She forces her to endure the full session, and by the time it's over, Christina can't stop laughing, even after the tickling's stopped.

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Download – Desperately Ticklish Dance Instructor

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