TickleIntensive – Heather From Hot Topic

Heather is a cute 20-something who works in retail and happens to be DESPERATELY TICKLISH, ESPECIALLY ON HER EXTREMELY SENSITIVE SIZE 7.5 FEET!! She's never been tied up and she doesn't even know what the phrase “tickle t0rture” really means… unfortunately for her, she's about to get a brutal introduction! Heather is locked in the stocks and her toes are tightly toetied for complete immobility – she can't even wiggle her toes!!

Bianca has been itching for some fresh meat and Heather is the perfect victim. She starts with the new girl's feet, her most sensitive spot, and she immediately bursts into hysterical laughter! Heather always keeps her feet hidden in her sneakers and they haven't been tickled in years so her reactions are EXTREMELY INTENSE. She shrieks with hysterical laughter and begs for mercy as Bianca spiders her sharp nails in her tender arches, only stopping to massage baby oil into her soft soles. THE OIL MAKES HEATHER EVEN MORE SENSITIVE AND SHE SCREAMS WITH LAUGHTER AS HER SLICK SOLES ARE RAKED WITH FINGERNAILS! She laughs harder and harder, Heather's begging/laughter taking on a tone of desperation as the tickle t0rture goes on without pause. “I CAN'T TAKE IT! STOP IT, GOD, STOP!” she screams, but the tickling only gets worse – her feet are introduced to the comb and hairbrush! The comb makes her squeal hysterically, especially when it's sawed between her incredibly ticklish toes, but the brush is the worst! BIANCA SUBJECTS HER SOLES TO A BRUTAL BRUSHING, MAKING HER SHRIEK WITH AGONIZED LAUGHTER AND CACKLE LIKE A WITCH!

Heather's upperbody is also desperately ticklish and Bianca takes full advantage of her helpless position. SHE VICIOUSLY TICKLES HER ARMPITS, SIDES, STOMACH, HIPS, AND ESPECIALLY HER EXCRUCIATINGLY TICKLISH LEGS/INNER THIGHS!! Heather screams with hysteria, shrieking and cackling with laughter as her upperbody is mercilessly tickle t0rtured! When Bianca goes for her thighs/legs, Heather's laughter gets even louder and she babbles frantically, “THAT'S THE SPOT! THAT'S THE SPOT, STOOOOOPPP!!” But her words only encourage her tormentor, and her protests soon dissolve into bouts of hysterical laughter!

Heather is drenched with sweat and gasping for air but the tickling isn't over yet. Bianca attacks her bare feet with her sharp nails, raking and spidering all over Heather's sensitive soles until she's screaming with her loudest reactions yet! HER DESPERATE LAUGHTER IS MUSIC TO BIANCA'S EARS AND SHE TORMENTS HER FEET UNTIL HER SOLES ARE LITERALLY TICKLED PINK! Heather thinks it's over, but Bianca punishes her feet with DUAL HAIRBRUSHES, destroying the poor girl in a matter of seconds! Tickled to complete exhaustion, Heather is left locked in stocks, gasping for air and with newfound respect for the word “tickling.”

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