TickleIntensive – Heather Suffers

Heather is a sexy and DESPERATELY TICKLISH 20-something who works in retail. She's never modeled before, she doesn't know what the word fetish even means, but being naïve won't earn her an ounce of mercy here. She is tightly wrapped and strapped to the bed for a brutal session WITHOUT ANY BREAKS!

Heather liked showing off her new pink shoelaces to Bianca, so HER TOES ARE TIED WITH HER OWN PINK SHOELACES, rendering her incredibly sensitive size 7.5 feet completely immobile!

BIANCA STARTS WITH HEATHER'S WORST SPOT, HER GORGEOUS FEET! She spiders her sharp fingernails in the center of her tender arches, forcing the sensitive girl to immediately burst out with hysterical laughter! Bianca giggles sadistically at Heather's frantic reactions, massaging baby oil into her silky soles, then attacking her slick soles all over again! HEATHER LITERALLY HOWLS WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER AS HER TICKLISH FEET ARE RAKED BY HER TORMENTOR'S SHARP NAILS – “I CAN'T TAKE IT! I CAN'T! PLEASE, GOD, STOOOOOOOOP!” she screams, but Bianca only tickles her even harder for begging, and her protests are lost in bouts of cackling laughter. Heather thinks it can't get any worse, but then she feels the comb sawing between her toes and across her soles, and she shrieks with more hysterical laughter. BIANCA NOTCHES UP THE INTENSITY EVEN FURTHER BY SUBJECTING HEATHER'S BARE SOLES TO THE HAIRBRUSH! Bianca scrubs her soles, and the poor girl screams at the top her lungs with agonized laughter, her tightly bound toes twitching seductively as her soles are subjected to a brutal brushing!

Heather's exposed upperbody is also desperately ticklish and BIANCA TAKES FULL ADVANTAGE OF HER IMMOBILE STATE BY VICIOUSLY TICKLING HER SENSITIVE ARMPITS, SIDES, STOMACH, AND HIPS! Heather screams with hysterical laughter and shakes her head back and forth wildly, but Bianca only punishes her harder, gleefully digging her nails into her victim's sides while she pleads for mercy and shrieks with laughter! Heather is really stressed at the point, drenched in her own sweat and gasping for air, but the tickling doesn't let up, and SHE IS FORCED TO LAUGH HYSTERICALLY FOR AS LONG AS HER TORMENTOR PLEASES!

Heather's feet get more sensitive the more they're tickled and Bianca wants to see just how much she can take. Ignoring her frantic protests, Bianca tickles her sensitive soles again, causing the hysterical girl to scream with peals of hot desperate laughter. Bianca cackles evilly and proceeds to tickle Heather's feet with a vicious combination of her nails and DUAL HAIRBRUSHES! THE BRUSHES ARE BRUTAL AND HEATHER TICKLED TO COMPLETE EXHAUSTION, CHEST HEAVING FOR BREATH AS SHE CACKLES HYSTERICALLY, BEGGING FOR THE SESSION TO BE OVER, BUT BIANCA WON'T STOP UNTIL SHE'S COMPLETELY WRECKED! Heather is left strapped to the bed, gasping for air and drenched in her own sweat.

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