TickleIntensive – Heather’s Beach Day

Heather thought today was going to be a light and relaxing day at the beach but shes sorely mistaken. Bianca invited her to the beach to BURY HER IN THE SAND, WITH ONLY HER HEAD AND HER HOT SIZE 7.5 FEET LEFT UNCOVERED! Heather is ridiculously ticklish, ESPECIALLY on her feet, and the fact that she is COMPLETELY IMMOBILE makes her even more sensitive to Biancas touch! Her toes have been toetied so that she cant even wiggle her feet!

HEATHERS SEXY FEET ARE STICKING OUT OF THE SAND, JUST BEGGING TO BE TICKLED, AND BIANCA CANT RESIST TAKING ADVANTAGE OF HER HELPLESS POSITION! She rakes her wicked nails up and down the helpless girls bare soles, causing her to shriek with surprise and cackle with hysterical laughter! HEATHERS FEET ARE MORE SENSITIVE THAN USUAL FROM WALKING ON SAND AND IT MAKES BIANCAS SHARP FINGERNAILS TICKLE LIKE HELL! She begs for a break while her feet are drenched in warm baby oil, but her protests go completely ignored, and she is made to shriek with hysteria again as Bianca wickedly spiders her nails in her slick arches and under her incredibly tender toes! Heather desperately tries to struggle, BUT SHE CANT MOVE AN INCH, ALL SHE CAN DO IS TILT HER HEAD TO THE SKY AND SCREAM WITH AGONIZED LAUGHTER!

Heathers feet have been tickled way more than she can take but it only gets even worse!! THE PINWHEEL makes an extended appearance, AND ITS DEVASTATING IN THIS IMMOBILE POSITION, allowing Bianca to concentrate on all the spots that drive her victim crazy! Heather shrieks at the top of her lungs with desperate laughter as the pinwheel is run over the center of her arches and across her toes again and again, driving her crazier and crazier as the tickling goes on without a break. THEN THE HAIRBRUSH IS USED TO PUNISH HEATHERS GORGEOUS FEET, AND SHE HOWLS WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER AS EVER SQUARE INCH OF HER SOLES AND TOES ARE SUBJECTED TO A THOROUGH SCRUBBING! After the brush the tickling is supposed to be over, but Biancas just having too much fun stop yet, and she attacks Heathers feet AGAIN with her nails, making her cackle with hysteria until shes totally wrecked!

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