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Italian hottie Rosa is locked in the stocks and blindfolded for her worst tickle t0rture session yet. She is a sexy bikini and her size 7 soles are bare and tightly toetied.

Bianca has wanted Rosa since she met her, so she DECIDES IF ROSA WANTS A BREAK FROM THE TICKLING, SHE’S GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE OUT WITH HER! She starts by intimately kissing her victim, making her sigh and coo with pleasure, but as soon as Rosa start getting into it, Bianca attacks her exposed upperbody, forcing her to squeal with surprised laughter! ROSA BEGS FOR BIANCA TO KEEP KISSING HER, BUT BIANCA PAYS NO ATTENTION, INSTEAD TICKLING HER VULNERABLE PITS, SIDES, STOMACH, AND INNER THIGHS UNTIL SHE’S HYSTERICAL!

Rosa’s feet are just as bad as her upperbody and Bianca can’t wait to get her hands on her silky soles. She tickles her feet with her sharp nails, concentrating on her arches and under the toes until Rosa is hysterical and begging her to stop! Bianca ignores her and continues to punish her feet with her nails, forcing her to squeal with ticklish laughter. ROSA IS GIVEN A SHORT BREAK WHEN HER TORMENTOR FEELS LIKE MAKING OUT WITH HER, BUT SHE PAYS FOR THE BREAK DEARLY – SHE CAN’T TAKE THE HAIRBRUSH, AND BIANCA TICKLES HER FEET WITH IT UNTIL SHE’S SCREAMING WITH LAUGHTER!

Bianca drives Rosa crazy with tickling and teasing. THE POOR GIRL IS BEGGING TO MAKE OUT WITH HER TO STOP THE TICKLING, BUT SHE MAKES HER EARN THOSE KISSES, TICKLING ROSA’S FEET AND UPPERBODY UNTIL SHE IS OUT OF BREATH AND COVERED IN SWEAT! She uses dual hairbrushes on Rosa’s soles until she’s broken with uncontrollable laughter. Rosa is just too hot to leave her by herself, so Bianca sensually kisses her sweaty victim, enjoying Rosa’s salty taste for final moments of the session.

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