TickleIntensive – Lacey & Nava Buried

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Whats better than burying a hot MILF in the sand and tickling her bare feet? Burying TWO hot MILFs in the sand and tickling their feet, of course.

Lacey and Nava, TWO DESPERATELY TICKLISH MILFS, have been buried in the sand for a brutal tickling session that focuses exclusively on their SUPER SENSITIVE SIZE 8 FEET (toe rings on Laceys feet)! Their exposed bare feet are tightly toetied for complete immobility.

Bianca knows it's not every day you get to tickle two desperately ticklish MILFs buried at the beach and she's determined to make the most of the opportunity. Without the benefit of a warm-up, SHE RAKES THE SOLES OF BOTH WOMEN AT ONCE, CAUSING THEM TO SIMULTANEOUSLY BURST INTO PEALS OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! After driving them crazy with her nails, she applies baby oil to their feet, and now the ticklish sensations are greatly intensified. Lacey and Nava howl with hysteria as Biancas nails glide effortlessly over their oiled soles! The tickling is too much to take, and the women try to break free by whipping their heads back and forth while struggling with all their might, BUT THEY CANT MOVE A SINGLE SOLITARY INCH! ALL THEY CAN DO IS TILT THEIR HEADS TO THE SKY AND SCREAM WITH LAUGHTER as Bianca brutally punishes their ticklish feet with a vicious combination of her nails, dual combs, and DUAL HAIRBRUSHES! The brushes are the worst and the two hysterical MILFs plead between bouts of frantic cackling laughter. "NO, NO MORE! I CANT FUCKING TAKE IT!" SCREAMS LACEY. "I CANT LAUGH ANYMORE! I GIVE UP, PLEASE!" SHRIEKS NAVA. Of course, Bianca proves that she can laugh more… much more.

Bianca completely destroys the two ticklish MILFs at her mercy. She tickles their bare feet until theyre covered in sweat and gasping with exhaustion – NAVA IS ON THE VERGE OF TEARS AND LACEY CURSES UP A STORM AS THE INTENSE FOOT TICKLING GOES ON AND ON WITHOUT RELIEF! Bianca enjoys tickling their feet so much that she goes beyond the normal time limit, punishing their bare soles again with her nails and DUAL HAIRBRUSHES, SMIRKING WITH SATISFACTION AT THEIR DESPERATE SHRIEKS AND PEALS OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! Tickled well beyond their endurance, Lacey and Nava only have the energy to cackle in unison with agonized laughter, forced to laugh for as long as their tormentor pleases! BUT NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY LAUGH, BIANCA REFUSES TO STOP TICKLING THEIR FEET, tormenting the two trapped hotties long into the summer afternoon

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