TickleIntensive – Lacey Scott Gagged & Buried

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Lacey Scott is a hot MILF who's DESPERATELY TICKLISH, ESPECIALLY ON HER TANNED SIZE 8 FEET, and shes been buried at the beach for the worst foot tickling of her life! Biancas tired of hearing Lacey beg so she shoves a big ballgag in her mouth, muffling her protests.

Lacey can't stand to have her feet tickled and today is no exception. HER BARE FEET ARE TOETIED (NOTE THE HOT TOE RINGS) AND THE SAND HAS RENDERED HER COMPLETELY IMMOBILE, making it impossible for her feet to avoid Biancas ticklish touch. Lacey cant hold back and surges hysterical laughter into the gag, shrieking and squealing as Bianca rakes her sensitive soles with her sharp fingernails, making her wiggle her toes frantically and whip her head back and forth with frustration! She tries to beg through the gag, but she should know better – THE TICKLING IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE! BABY OIL IS APPLIED TO LACEY'S FEET AND NOW SHE HOWLS WITH LAUGHTER AS BIANCA SPIDERS HER NAILS ALL OVER HER SLICK SOLES AND BETWEEN HER TOES! The comb and brush are also used on her feet to excellent effect. The comb is sawed between her incredibly ticklish toes and across her tender arches, making her muffled laughter turn desperate as she shrieks hysterically! The brush gets the most intense reactions, and Lacey screams with uncontrollable hysteria as her bare soles are subjected to a brutal brushing, WHILE BIANCA SMILES THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE ORDEAL!

A little after halfway through the scene Bianca removes the gag, and for a moment Lacey believes shes going to let her out, BUT SHE SOON LEARNS SHE'LL BE PAYING A BIG PRICE FOR HAVING HER GAG REMOVED – MILF NAVA JOINS IN TO TAGTEAM LACEY'S FEET! Bianca and Nava work together to completely destroy Lacey, tickling both of her feet at the same time, FILLING HER SOLES UP WITH 20 WICKED FINGERNAILS! She screams with desperate laughter at the top of her lungs begs for mercy, but its no use, the girls are having way too much fun to stop now! The relentless foot tickling reaches a climax when the girls use DUAL HAIRBRUSHES TO SCRUB LACEY'S BARE FEET! SHE SHRIEKS WITH HYSTERIA AND BEGS FOR MERCY, BUT THE TICKLING DOESN'T STOP UNTIL SHE'S COMPLETELY WRECKED!

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