TickleIntensive – Lacey Scott’s Beach Day

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Hot blond MILF Lacey Scott is nervous and with good reason. Shes been buried at the beach with just her head and DESPERATELY TICKLISH SIZE 8 FEET EXPOSED (NOTE THE HOT TOE RINGS)! Lacey cant move an inch and her sensitive toes have been tightly toetied for complete immobility. Making matters even more frustrating, her sandals have been placed right next to her, but they only serve to tease her as she has no way of getting to them.

Bianca cant wait to get to work on Lacey. She wastes no time in getting started, VICIOUSLY RAKING HER SHARP FINGERNAILS UP AND DOWN HER BARE SOLES, smirking with satisfaction as she screams with hysterical laughter! Lacey cant stand the intense tickling and begs for mercy, but theres nothing quite like driving a hot blond MILF crazy with tickle t0rture, and Bianca intends to take full advantage of this opportunity! "COME ON, STOP, PLEASE! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!" SHE SQUEALS, BUT ITS NO USE, AND THE TICKLING CONTINUES UNABATED. After coating her feet in baby oil to make them even more sensitive to the touch, she spiders her fingernails in Lacey's tender arches and just under the toes, her worst spots, making her shriek with hysteria! SHE WHIPS HER HEAD BACK AND FORTH IN FRUSTRATION AND HOWLS WITH LAUGHTER AS BIANCA HAS HER WAY WITH HER FEET! Lacey gasps in horror when Bianca breaks out the comb and the hairbrush, she hates both implements. The comb dragged between her toes and across her arches drives her crazy, making her hoot and squeal with laughter, BUT THE BRUSH SCRUBBING HER SENSITIVE SOLES MAKES HER SCREAM AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH HYSTERIA, PROMPTING BIANCA TO SCRUB HER SOLES FOR A LOOOONG TIME!

Lacey is gasping and sputtering with exhaustion, SHE SAYS SHE CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, BIANCA'S NOT STOPPING FOR EVEN A SECOND! The sadistic redhead continues to tickle her bare feet, forcing her to tilt her head to the sky and cackle hysterically, screaming for her to stop when she finds the breath to beg. BIANCA DOESN'T STOP TICKLING LACEY'S FEET UNTIL SHE'S COMPLETELY WRECKED, scrubbing her soles with the brush until shes screaming with laughter and drenched in sweat, promising ANYTHING to stop the tickling…

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