TickleIntensive – Latina VS Asian

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Some of our most ticklish models have turned out to be women of Latina and Asian descent. Kelli wants to find out who’s more ticklish, Latina or Asian women, so she has 18 year old Dominican Princess Lena and Korean babe Tia strapped to the bed for a BRUTAL comparison test! Both girls have their incredibly sexy (and ticklish!) feet toetied for additional immobility.

Kelli doesn’t waste any time and immediately starts raking her sharp nails up and down Lena’s (size 7) and Tia’s (size 3) sensitive soles. The girls explode in simultaneous laughter, struggling like crazy and instantly begging for the tickling to stop. BUT KELLI IS METHODICAL AND MERCILESS. REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH THE GIRLS SCREAM, STRUGGLE, AND PLEAD, THE TICKLING DOESN’T LET UP! Kelli tickles her victims individually to see who’s more ticklish, and when she tires of that game, she goes back to t0rturing both pairs of soles at once. Baby oil, nails, and dual hairbrushes tickling their feet drive Lena and Tia to the point of exhaustion, but Kelli isn’t anywhere near finished!

Lena and Tia are just as ticklish on their upperbodies and Kelli makes sure to exploit their most sensitive areas. Pits, ribs, stomach, hips, even the girls’ thighs are cruelly tickled by Kelli. She torments her captives both individually and at the same time. KELLI IS SO BRUTAL THE GIRLS LAUGH THEMSELVES HOARSE!

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Download – Latina VS Asian

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