TickleIntensive – No Beach for Bella

Summer's almost here, and Bella thinks she's going to the beach to enjoy the weather… BUT THE GIRLS HAVE OTHER PLANS FOR THIS DESPERATELY TICKLISH ITALIAN HOTTIE! Storm straps her facedown to the bed in her bathing suit and flip flops.

Bella really hates this position – she can't see what's coming and her upturned soles are completely helpless against Storm's sharp nails. The evil redhead removes her flip flops and slowly runs her nails up and down Bella's exposed soles, cooing, “I WONDER HOW TICKLISH YOU ARE…” Bella desperately tries to hold back, but it's hopeless, and she explodes with uncontrollable laughter. STORM STARTS TICKLING HER IN EARNEST, RAKING HER SOLES AND GETTING UNDER THE TOES, HER WORST SPOT! Bella struggles and screams with laughter, begging for Storm to stop, but that only encourages her to tickle her feet even more. She punishes her soles with the brush, making her struggle and laugh as hard as ever. Then she attacks Bella's upperbody, tickling her extremely sensitive ribs and armpits, forcing her hoot and squeal with desperate laughter.

Halfway through the scene, Bianca joins in to help punish the hysterical hottie. The two sadistic redheads double team her extremely ticklish soles, first with dual hairbrushes, then with DUAL COMBS! BELLA HATES THE COMB AND GOES ABSOLUTELY INSANE WHEN THE GIRLS SAW THE IMPLEMENT ACROSS HER SOLES AND BETWEEN HER TOES! She struggles like a woman possessed and cackles like a witch, shrieking the loudest when the combs are run between her toes. Of course, her tormentors' sharp nails also tickle terribly, and she laughs hysterically when they use them on her ticklish soles! When they tire of her feet, the girls gang up on Bella's upperbody, punishing her sides and armpits twice as bad as before.

Bella is gasping for air, covered in sweat, and her hair is a mess from all the struggling, but she can't stop screaming with laughter. To her horror, Storm and Bianca decide to treat her soles to a final dual comb segment! THEY RAKE BELLA'S SOLES WITH THE COMBS, MAKING HER SCREAM, CACKLE, AND BEG, BUT THEY'RE NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL THEY'RE SATISFIED… OR BELLA , WHICHEVER COMES FIRST!

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