TickleIntensive – Pink Shoelace Punishment

Heather is a desperately ticklish 20-something with incredibly sensitive and gorgeous size 7.5 feet! She works in retail and came to the shoot showing off her new shoes with hot pink shoelaces. Bianca thought Heather's pink laces looked cool in her new sneakers, but WOULDN'T THEY LOOK EVEN COOLER WRAPPED AROUND HER TOES?? After that statement, it's obvious what needs to come next. Heather is locked in the stocks in a skimpy bikini, BLINFOLDED, AND TOETIED WITH HER OWN PINK SHOELACES!

Bianca wants to drive this desperately ticklish blonde over the edge with merciless tickle t0rture, so THIS SESSION IS NONSTOP FROM START TO FINISH, NO CUTS, NO BREAKS! The sadistic redhead does not give her victim the benefit of a warm-up, she cruelly rakes her sharp nails all over Heather's bare soles, causing the blindfolded girl to shriek with surprise and cackle hysterically! Heather is brand new to bondage and SHE'S NEVER BEEN BLINDFOLDED BEFORE, let alone while being tied up and tickled, so being blindfolded heightens her sensitivity. Bianca applies baby oil to her feet to make her feet even more sensitive before resuming her vicious assault! Her sharp nails gliding up and down Heather's slick soles while she screams at the top of her lungs with hysterical laughter! SHE CAN'T MOVE HER TOES AT ALL, SO BIANCA TEASES HER FEET WITH HER MOUTH, LICKING AND SUCKING ON HER TOES WHILE VICIOUSLY TICKLING HER SOLES AT THE SAME TIME! Then she sucks on one set of toes while mercilessly tickling the other, driving poor Heather crazy with the clash of pleasurable and ticklish sensations and forcing her to scream with hysteria!

Bianca uses a variety of implements on Heather's ultra-sensitive feet, all of them extremely effective. The 7-head pinwheel on her soles and arches makes her scream with hysterical laughter, while THE SINGLE HEAD PINWHEEL IS MORE EXACT AND ELICITS SHRIEKS OF AGONIZED LAUGHTER WHEN APPLIED TO HER INDIVIDUAL TOES, ESPECIALLY THEIR SENSITIVE TIPS/UNDERSIDES! The comb is doubly effective on Heather – one can use the teeth to saw between her toes and across her arches, or the pointed side can be used to trace the lines on her soles, making her cackle like a witch! THE HAIRBRUSH, HOWEVER, IS THE WORST! Heather screams at the top of her lungs with agonized laughter when her soles are subjected to a brutal scrubbing, breaking out in a hot sweat as the brutal brushing goes on and on without end!

HEATHER IS COMPLETELY WRECKED AT THIS POINT, SHE'S DRENCHED IN SWEAT AND GASPING FOR AIR, BUT THE SESSION'S NOT OVER YET! Bianca punishes her twitching soles with another round of merciless fingernail and pinwheel tickling, concentrating on her tender arches and just under the toes, Heather's most sensitive spots. The hysterical blonde loses all composure, screaming, shrieking, and howling with agonized laughter as the tickling goes on and on! She begs for mercy, but it only gets worse – HER FEET ARE TICKLED WITH DUAL HAIRBRUSHES! Heather screams with her loudest bout of laughter yet, her back arching with the force of her voice, her body dripping with sweat. By the time it's finally over, Heather is beyond exhausted, and HER SOLES HAVE BEEN SCRUBBED AS PINK AS HER SHOELACES! She sits limply in the stocks, drenched in sweat, gasping for air, and completely spent.

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Duration: 10:41.225
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Download – Pink Shoelace Punishment

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