TickleTortureFromBoston – Brandis Gorgeous Soles And Expressive Toes Are So Ticklish!

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25 year old Brandi is a tourist from Canada, who in addition to being supremely attractive, was curious how much foot tickling she could take, I was happy to oblige. Her socked size 8.5 feet looked so good I decided to leave her socks on so it would be like unwrapping a present! For the first part, Brandi tries keeping her ankles crossed. Brandis feet were ticklish right off the bat. She placed them at an 8.6 out of 10 on the ticklishness scale in her interview. It didn't take much effort to get her feet squirming and get her to smile, trying so hard to suppress her giggles. I peel of her socks slowly. At first only her bare heels is exposed, and to my delight her heels turned out to be quite sensitive. I tease her heels and arches for a bit, until finally after giggling a whole lot, her socks are off, and I can turn my attention to her bare soles. Brandis laughter is plentiful while I tease her super soft and crazy ticklish feet! She struggles throughout the clip to keep her ankles crossed, and her reactions are cute and quite adorable. One thing she did that kinda drove me crazy is wiggle her toes wildly in between clips. I captured some of this in the preview clip! Brandi might have the sweetest giggle I have heard in awhile. Brandis toes turn out to be just as ticklish as her soles. And some oil helps them become even more sensitive! So much giggling from this Canadian cutie.

In part 2 of super hot Brandis first foot tickle, Brandis ankles are bound and secured to the bench while I explore her ticklish soles and toes more in depth, and take advantage of how ticklish her soles are by applying lots of oil and dragging the spiky dryer balls up and down aggressively while Brandi goes crazy! The evil trimmer and dryer balls seem to get the best reactions. But fingers tickling in between her toes seems to also be just as devastating for her. The tickling then focuses on Brandis bound feet being tickled up close. I love this girls laughter, and I want more! Stay tuned for more Brandi coming soon

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