UKTickling – Too Much For Insanely Ticklish Gracie!

Gracie gets her second tickle session and can hardly breathe as she's stretched out and driven to total hysteria in this one! Gracie really is insanely ticklish from head to foot and she's totally exposed for some intense full-body tickling this time. Her slim body and long legs look amazing in skimpy red lingerie with sheer stockings and heels this time. Poor Gracie was nervous at the start of this one (hardly surprising considering her first scene!) and she is soon jumping, squirming and squealing as her body gets tickled first. Even light tickles drive her nuts and before long Gracie is thrashing around so violently it looks as though she is receiving electric shocks! Her heels come off and her nylon feet are tickled, producing more squeals and frantic kicking. It's impossible to tell where Gracie is most ticklish as it seems to be everywhere(!) but her exposed upperbody gets some prolonged tickling this time, which drives her completely nuts. Her sides, belly, armpits, neck and hips are all tickled and Gracie thrashes wildly. She laughs and shrieks but quickly runs out of breath as she goes into bouts of silent laughter. Poor Gracie becomes completely breathless, unable to breathe as she jerks and spasms – we had to stop and let her catch up a couple of times! Gracie's top comes off to expose her pert boobs as she continues to go completely crazy. Finally we return to the feet and Gracie's nylon soles are tickled with fingers, brush and electric toothbrush. Unsurprisingly, they all tickle like mad and Gracie laughs and struggles until she has no air left. Her stockings are ripped and she is reduced to helpless giggles once again as her bare toes are teased tickled, before adding baby lotion. Even massaging the lotion in to her soles and toes makes Gracie laugh and squirm, and she goes crazy again as her lotioned feet are tickled with fingers, and finally the brush. She's left totally shattered by the end of this one – it's an intense scene but extremely cute!

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Donwload – Too Much For Insanely Ticklish Gracie!

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