FrenchTickling – Annys Is Tickle Punished On Her Own Sofa

Annys welcomed us at her home for a special tickling afternoon.
What a privilege to play with a such ticklish girl who love to be tickled from head to toes.
This clips is 70% bare feet tickling and 30% underarms tickling.
The Tickler uses feathers, fingers and tongue on her extremely sensitive bare soles and toes.
At the beginning of the clip the tickling starts with feather and with her slippers on then after a few minutes the guy removes the slippers to attack more intensively Annys’s bare feet.
She really loves to be tickled and her reactions are very arousing especially when it tickles too much.
Annys is a great ticklee we can punish without mercy.

Length: 19:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Annys Is Tickle Punished On Her Own Sofa

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