FrenchTickling – Anonymous Tickle Series : Slave #01 : Naked & Punished Everywhere

Imagine an anonymous ultra ticklish girl you can torment silly without limits due to the fact that she is nobody, only your tickle slave!
The horribly ticklish slave is now immobilized in spread eagle position and mercilessly tickled everywhere from head to toes.
This clip has three parts :
The first one is focused on her topless upperbody, the second part is focused on her insanely ticklish bare feet and for the last part the tickler torments her extremely ticklish pussy with feathers and electric toothbrush.
Her entire body is ultra sensitive and she really goes crazy all long this arousing punishment where feathers, fingers and brushes run mercilessly on her most sensitive spots.
The woman is tickled on her neck, underarms, breasts, nipples, sides, hips, belly, bellybutton with feather, thighs, soles, toes and on her ultra ticklish pussy.
You will enjoy here 25 minutes of crazy tickle action with a naked ticklish submissive woman at the mercy of her sadistical master.
She is only a ticklish body we punished without any compassion till she lost her mind.
By the way she enjoyed her punishment to the point she wet her panties.

Length: 25:20
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Anonymous Tickle Series : Slave #01 : Naked & Punished Everywhere

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